It’s Story Time!

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It’s Story Time!

elodie wants you

Are you a green beauty junkie?

Have you ditched the toxic stuff for greener pastures? 

Eco veteran, or eco-newbie . . . I want you!

Elodie Beauty is looking for your story to feature on the blog. Maybe it’s about your triumphs, struggles, or motivation to go green. Serious or funny, I want it!

Send me a message on twitter @elodiebeauty, facebook, or email seanna(at)elodiebeauty(dot)com to get more details and submit a story!

*Please note: depending on volume, I may not be able to feature everyone’s story, but I will certainly try my very best!


About the Author:

Seanna Cohen is a certified Skin Care Therapist and founder of the Clean Beauty School, an online destination to learn skincare tips & tricks, shop the best clean beauty products, and get personalized advice. As a trusted skincare expert, she inspires others to take a holistic approach to beauty and find sustainable practices through her skincare coaching, webinars, and classes.

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  1. Fran Oliveira February 9, 2015 at 1:23 am - Reply

    My biggest success has been finding a green deodorant that actually works! I workout about 6 times a week, so I need something strong enough to get me through these sweaty sessions. . My challenge has been to find an affordable one- the brands I use are $24 and $15.
    Another success has been my skin care routine, there are so many great products out there.
    My challenge has been haircare products. My hair is very thick and curly , I have not found a natural or organic product that does well in my hair.

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