Why Your Natural Deodorant Stopped Working

//Why Your Natural Deodorant Stopped Working

Why Your Natural Deodorant Stopped Working

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Have you ever had that moment when you’re sitting at work or at the gym and smell something awful, only to find that it’s you, and your natural deodorant has failed??

It happens.

Unfortunately it happens with both natural deodorant and non-natural deodorants.

It may seem more dramatic when you’re using the natural stuff, but what’s causing the deodorant ‘fail’ isn’t actually the deodorant. It’s your body. So don’t abandon your natural deodorant just yet and go running back to your antiperspirant before trying these simple changes.


Common reasons for natural deodorant fails:

  1. Hormonal fluctuations (caused by stress, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause). Stress is well known to induce a smellier sweat than exercise sweat (which is mostly water). Sweat produced as a result of stress and hormonal changes generally is excreted by the apocrine glands (largely located in areas with hair like the armpits and groin). Apocrine glands secrete proteins and fat with the sweat they produce. Bacteria that naturally lives on the skin loves feasting on the fat and proteins, leaving a stinky by-product behind (aka B.O.).
  2. Medication (like antibiotics, some allergy medications, even Tylenol)
  3. Change in diet (particularly if high in processed foods, excess sugars, meat, and fats; a low carb diet can also affect your body odour).

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What to do about it:

  1. Adjust your diet, reduce processed foods, eat more leafy greens and introduce alkalizing foods like spirulina and chlorella.
  2. Switch up the brand of deodorant for a short time (formulas work differently for each person, so test out products that contain different essential oil blends and anti-bacterial ingredients than you regular deodorant). Get the Free Natural Deodorant Buying Guide
  3. Try wiping your armpits daily with a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar (1 part water, 1 part vinegar). Bacteria cannot thrive in an acidic environment.
  4. Temporarily reintroduce the steps outlined in the Clean Beauty School Antiperspirant Detox Guide to get your B.O back to a happy and healthy equilibrium.

And as I always say .  .  . don’t sweat it! 🙂

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