Don’t miss these anti-aging steps

When it comes to your anti-aging routine, you may be using the right eye cream, serum, and face cream, but you may be missing a few essential anti-aging steps.

*Note: When I say “anti-aging”, I really mean “healthy aging” since we can’t stop the aging process, nor do we necessarily want to stop it. Healthy aging means we are treating our skin gently and nourishing it with the best products possible so that it can be healthy for years to come!

There are 3 areas of the body that show the signs of aging pretty early on and most people forget to take care of them in their anti-aging routine.

  • Eye lids – The skin on the eye lids is very delicate and thin (just like the under eye), yet we rarely apply serums and eye cream to the lids. It’s best to double check the product to make sure it’s safe for the eye lids, but unless a product contains retinol, most eye creams and serums are safe to use on your lids (like this firming eye cream).
  • Neck – When was the last time you applied your face products all the way down your neck and décolleté? Our face gets all of the skincare love but we often forget to include the neck in our anti-aging routine! Every morning and night, apply your skincare products to your neck as well as your face –including your exfoliants. A weekly lactic acid or glycolic acid treatment on the neck can do wonders to keep the skin smooth and healthy.
  • Hands – Long gone are the days when we wear gloves every time we head out the door. Unfortunately, this means that our hands are subject to the same UVA radiation as our face! Whether you’re driving in the car, or walking on the street, our hands are subject to sun damage and will show the signs of aging fairly early on with sun spots and wrinkles. Don’t forget to apply a mineral basedSPF to the tops of your hands and moisturize regularly with a rich lotion to keep the skin healthy and nourished.

Watch the Video for more on these essential steps for your anti-aging routine!