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If you’re a follower of the ‘clean beauty’ movement, then you might have already switched to natural shampoo, or at least thought about it. By ‘natural shampoo’, I mean products that contain plant based ingredients, SLS free, and use gentle, non drying cleansing agents.

You might wonder, “but my hair is dead, why does it matter what I use to wash it?”. This is true, but your scalp, and every other part of your body that gets washed over by the sudsy shampoo, is not.

I made the switch to natural shampoo years ago and my hair has never been shinier or healthier. Despite my fine hair that can get oily quite easily, I’ve also managed to reduce my hair washing to only every few days, which keeps my scalp from over producing oil.

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Here are 3 reasons why you should make the switch to natural shampoo (and conditioner!)

  1. Plant-based shampoos contain skin-loving ingredients that nourish your scalp and hair follicles (contributing to healthier, shinier hair!). Ingredients in conventional shampoos on the other hand often contribute to drying out the scalp and disrupting the scalp’s natural oil glands.
  2. Conventional shampoos contain irritating ingredients that can contribute to dry skin and irritation. We often forget that when we shampoo our hair the suds wash over our entire body! Silicone and mineral oil in conventional conditioners can also contribute to breakouts on your body. Note: natural shampoos can still include irritating ingredients. If you have very sensitive skin, avoid ingredients like tea tree, mint, and citrus essential oils. 
  3. Natural shampoo is better for the environment! We often forget that the stuff we wash down the drain can end up in our eco-system. Shampoo that is truly plant-based (not just green-washed) is biodegradable and much better for the environment.

Think you have dandruff? You might just want to look at the ingredients in your shampoo! Read this article on the difference between true dandruff and a dry scalp.

The products you use, plus the food you put into your body all contribute to the condition of your hair.

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If you’re looking to reboot your haircare and get healthier, shinier looking hair, you’re going to want to join the FREE Joyous Health Hair Care Challenge with me! I’ll be completing the weekly challenges (sent by email) right along side you!

I’ve tried a lot of natural shampoo in my day, and yes it can be tricky getting a good lather (read “Natural Shampoo 101” for more), but when Joy sent me the new Joyous Health shampoo and conditioner to try I was honestly impressed. It’s great for volume since it’s slightly clarifying and foams quite easily! The conditioner is moisturizing, yet light enough that it doesn’t leave my fine hair greasy and limp. Whether you’re joining the hair care challenge or not, it’s worth a try!

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Joyous Health Shampoo and Conditioner