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Sensitive skin is a condition, not a skin type

I often get asked about the best skincare for sensitive skin, but the first step in treating sensitive skin, is to first identify the cause. Surprisingly, or not, you’re not actually born with “sensitive skin”. You may be more prone to irritation and conditions like eczema or rosacea, but often sensitive skin symptoms are caused by factors the products we’re using, environmental factors, or internal factors (like hormones and food sensitivities). If the protective barrier is compromised, skin can become easily irritated. Read more about your skin’s protective barrier.

Once your skin becomes sensitive, there are a few skincare tips you want to keep in mind to help redness and irritation. You may even be able to reverse the signs of sensitivities if you stick with the right skincare routine!

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What you should do to treat sensitive skin

Here are my top 3 tips for sensitive skin:

  1. Don’t over wash your skin, use an unscented gentle oil cleanser or creamy cleanser.
  2. Avoid essential oils in skincare products, especially citrus oils, bergamot, rosemary, and sage.
  3. Use occlusive ingredients to help protect the skin, like shea butter, cacao butter, and oils.  face balm is also great option! Apply oils and face balms after your moisturizer as your last line of defence for sensitive skin.
Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin - Graydon and Holistic Vanity

Natural moisturizers for sensitive skin

Watch the video for more details on skincare and the best way to treat sensitive skin!