Canadian Clean Beauty Brands Compete with Top Conventional Brands 

Clean beauty brands are the popular choice among consumers today, but that wasn’t always the case. Natural beauty and skincare used to be considered subpar to conventional brands. You’ll now see top retail stores carrying “clean” skincare, including Target and Sephora.  Today, Clean Beauty’ makes up 13 percent of high-end skin-care sales, a number that’s doubled in the last 5 years. Unsurprising, Clean beauty brands in Canada are on the rise and taking the lead.

So, what’s changed?


Clean beauty brands in Canada lead the way 

Many consumers are looking for transparency from beauty brands. They want to know their products are good for them and the environment.Fortunately, Clean beauty brands have stepped up and become competitors in the international beauty market, including in Canada. They’ve moved away from simple formulas, which used to flood the clean beauty space. Instead, they’ve evolved and lead the way with clinically proven ingredients and formulas. 


It’s time you try these Canadian clean beauty products!


Award-Winning Canadian Clean Beauty Products: 


Basd Refreshing Citrus Body Lotion




Basd Body Lotion Refreshing Citrus Canada Clean Beauty Awards

2020 Alive Retail & Consumers Choice Awards


Basd creates luxurious made-in Canada body care using clean ingredients that nourish the skin and smell amazing! Basd lotions are vegan and made with organic moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera juice, sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter. The award winning Refreshing Citrus Grapefruit Body Lotion smells like sweet citrus fruit and immediately uplifts spirits, perfect for everyday moisturizing.

If citrus grapefruit isn’t for you, the Basd Body Lotions and accompanying body washes come in 4 different scents using naturally sourced fragrances: Seductive Sandalwood, Indulgent Creme Brûlée, Invigorating Mint, and Refreshing Citrus Grapefruit.

Consonant HydrExreme Serum

CONSONANT HydrExtreme Clean Beauty Canada

Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards


Consonant HydrExtreme Serum is a ground-breaking natural hydration booster that uses Cassia Angustifolia Flower as its main ingredient. Cassia Angustfolia Flower (also known as senna) is native to India and acts as an intensive skin conditioner and hydrator. The HydrExtreme Serum only contains two ingredients! The other ingredient is glycerin, which is an effective humectant to bring further moisture to the skin.

In a clinical study, HydrExtreme was proven to outperform the leading Hyaluronic Acid serum by over 70%, after one hour.

This vegan, lightweight and unscented serum is ideal for all skin, even the most sensitive, and can be used under or added to moisturizing products.

Consonant Skincare is a ‘must-try’ clean beauty brand from Canada and formulates their products without parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, colours, and PEG.


Graydon Fullmoon Serum

Graydon Fullmoon Serum Clean Beauty Canada

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021 – Editor’s Choice


Graydon Fullmoon Serum is a vegan, ultra-lightweight, water-based face serum that helps to improve and protect skin’s overall hydration while combating comprehensive signs of aging. This serum is formulated using healthy-aging ingredients like botanical collagen, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides and retinol (bakuchiol), and anti-inflammatory blue tansy.

The serum feels wonderful on. It’s lightweight and sits well under moisturizers or other products, making it suitable to be used both morning or night.

Graydon is a Canadian, Toronto-based clean beauty brand that focuses on plant powered formulas and uses clinically proven super-food ingredients. Whenever possible, Graydon sources plant-based ingredients from within Canada.

Zyderma Clarifying Cream


Zyderma Clarifying Cream Canada Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Awards – Winner 2020


Zyderma Clarifying Cream is a uniquely Canadian product for acne and problem skin. It uses a combination of skin nurturing ingredients and micronized silver to help support the skin’s barrier function, while cleansing the skin of environmental microorganisms. Unlike a lot of acne care products,  Zyderma will not leave your skin dry and irritated.

The Clarifying Cream can be used daily use and ideal for sensitive skin. With its velvety smooth and lightweight finish, it also makes a fantastic makeup primer!

Fitglow Beauty Vegan Good Lash Mascara

Fitglow Beauty Vegan Good Lash Clean Mascara

2020 Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards – Best Eye Makeup


Fitglow Beauty Vegan Goodlash Mascara receives rave reviews for its ability to add effortless volume, while strengthening lashes with each use. It does this by using botanical extracts and plant proteins to help transform weak, thin lashes and prevent breakage. The Goodlash Mascara is long lasting does not smudge, which is unlike many other clean mascaras on the market.

Created by Canadian Anna Buss, who has since moved the company from Canada to the USA, but it’s still Canadian in our hearts.

Province Apothecary Moisturizing Makeup Remover

Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Best of Green Beauty Awards Canada – 2016


Toronto-based Province Apothecary founded by aromatherapist and holistic Esthetician, Julie Clark who started making clean, organic beauty products out of her kitchen before growing the brand to what it is today.

One of Province Apothecary’s star products is the Moisturizing Cleanser & Makeup Remover. This nourishing cleanser uses organic avocado oil, jojoba oil, and raspberry seed oil to combat dryness, dullness and naturally soothe stressed skin. It also washes away clean (with the help of a face cloth) without stripping the skin’s natural protective oils.

Province Apothecary uses the highest quality, certified organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted ingredients, many of which are sourced from Canada.

Pure + Simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk

Pure + Simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk Clean Beauty Canada

2017 Fashion Annual Beauty Awards


Pure + Simple is a Canadian spa, based in Toronto. It creates ‘clean’ spa-quality skincare which is effective and gentle on the skin. The Sensitive Cleansing Milk is a 2-in-1 cleanser + makeup remover that gently cleanses, hydrates and plumps your skin. The cleanser uses marine collagen, oat protein, and jojoba oil to gently removes impurities without stripping essential moisture or irritating sensitive skin types.

If your skin feels dry after cleansing, it’s a sure sign that you need to choose a different one. Fortunately, the Pure +Simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk feels so hydrating, yet leaves the skin fresh and clean. You don’t need to choose “clean” over “hydrated”!


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