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Do you use a natural deodorant stick or cream?

If you’ve ditched antiperspirant then you might already have a preference for either a natural deodorant stick or cream. If you’re new to this journey of ditching antiperspirant — the one thing you believe retains friendships and keeps you employed — then listen up.


There are many factors dictating a successful antiperspirant detox, but first let’s talk about products.

Traditionally, most natural deodorants were in stick form. If you made the switch, you’ve most likely used a deodorant stick as your only option. I know so many people who have tried natural deodorant sticks and have given up after one try because it just failed miserably.

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There’s a reason for this! Deodorant creams are SUPERIOR to deodorant sticks (I’m talking about the kind you find in the natural food store like Jason or Tom’s of Maine).


No offence to the sticks out there, they can serve a purpose as well. In fact, they’re essential as an emergency measure to throw in your desk drawer or bag. The down side to using a deodorant cream is that  you need to apply it with your fingers (not the easiest thing to do when you’re trying to be discreet).


Let’s start from the top. What is a deodorant cream? They often contain ingredients like: coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, clay, corn starch, and essential oils. They’re very similar to a moisturizer except with the addition of odour-eating ingredients like baking soda, and antibacterial ingredients like coconut oil, neem oil, and essential oils (tea tree is a common one).


The Best Type of Natural Deodorant is a Cream

Why is a natural deodorant cream superior over a traditional stick deodorant?

  1. Ingredients
  2. The amount of product that can be applied to the skin at one time.

The composition of a deodorant stick (like Tom’s of Main orJason’s) is often made up of an emulsion of water and odour-fighting oils (viscous ingredients) that are melded together with a binding agent. When applied to the underarm it often goes on in a very thin layer that doesn’t stay on the skin for very long.

Deodorant creams come in jars and there’s more flexibility to what ingredients can be added (since it doesn’t need to retain a shape). Also, more product makes contact with the skin (and stays there!) as it gets  absorbed and creates an emollient layer (think about a body butter vs. a gel).

Note: Brands are coming out with sticks that act more like creams (like Meow Meow Tweet), which is a  win, win for everyone!

Best Natural Deodorant Stick vs. Cream

Deodorant cream on left side, stick applied to right side (almost invisible). Note: the cream can be blended in better, this picture is just to show consistency.

The Best Natural Deodorants To Use:

Blume Hug Me – “Best Deodorant Ever”

Blume Hug Me Natural Dedorant

Blume Hug Me natural deodorant uses the tagline “Best Deodorant Ever”, and it’s not wrong! This completely scent free deodorant stands up to the test. The stick is a cream consistency, which can get soft if left in warm spots. Since the deodorant has a cream consistency, more product is applied to the underarm, offering greater protection. The lack of scent turns out to be a blessing for anyone sensitive to fragrance, but it also prevents that “funky” smell when B.O. mixes with deodorant fragrance and turns nasty.


Leaves of Trees Natural Deodorant Cream

Leaves of Trees Natural Deodorant

Leaves of Trees Natural Deodorant Cream is wonderfully scented with essential oils – Eucalyptus Mint is my personal favourite. This soft textured cream is dispensed from a tube, making it very easy to apply. The texture is softer than most deodorant creams, but doesn’t skip on effectiveness. The Leaves of Trees Deodorant is best for anyone who wants an easy-to use deodorant cream the smells amazing, but doesn’t have any skin sensitivities.


Best Baking Soda Free Natural Deodorant – Meow Meow Tweet 

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Skin

One of the main problems people have when starting to use natural deodorant is the sensitivities that happen because of ingredients. Baking soda is a major culprit because of its alkaline pH level and can cause redness, itchiness, and bumps. That’s where the Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free shines! It’s still holds up as an amazingly effective deodorant, but uses magnesium hydroxide, instead of baking soda. The cream consistency in stick form is easy to use – except when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, the compostable, environmentally friendly cardboard tube makes it difficult to push the deodorant up. Fortunately, Meow Meow Tweet also has a baking soda free version in a jar, for easy access.


The Best Natural Deodorant Only Works with the Proper Detox

Some experimenting will be necessary to figure out which deodorant works works best for you. If you’ve experienced “deodorant fails” in the past, you may need to spend time completing an antiperspirant detox. Just know this: for everyone that I’ve coached, I’ve had very few, if any failures, especially using my Antiperspirant Detox method!

Questions about what natural products are best for you? Or how to come clean with your personal care products? Book a clean beauty consult for a personalized skincare plan and one-on-one support.