Intuitive Skincare Routine

The intuitive approach, is the only skincare “routine” you need 

There’s a new way to approach life, and it’s called intuitive living. You can apply an intuitive approach  to any part of your life. One of the most popular ways is intuitive eating , where you write off diet culture, tune into hunger cues, and eat based on what you feel your body needs. Intuitive skincare uses the same approach and taps into what skin needs on any given day.


As a Skin Care Therapist, I’ve was taught that consistent skincare routines are necessary to see results. This is true, up to a point. Only you know how your skin behaves on any given day, and only you will understand what it needs. I took an intuitive approach to my skincare  last year when I started implementing cycle syncing into my skincare routine. This allowed me to start paying attention to my skin’s cues.


My skin has always misbehaved; hence why I got into skincare in the first place. Despite my knowledge of products and how the skin works, I still got frustrated when I couldn’t figure out my skin symptoms. I started paying closer attention to my skin throughout the month as it related to my menstrual cycle. I started writing down and tracking my skin symptoms using a cycle skincare tracker. I started to correlate my skin symptoms, like excess oil and breakouts, or dryness and irritation with specific times of the month.


For women, this approach is particularly important since we run on month cycles, rather than 24 hour cycles. That’s where cycle syncing skincare routine can also be helpful. Our skin changes as our hormones fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, or during the different phases of life – pregnancy and menopause included.


What is Intuitive Skincare

What is intuitive skincare? 

A feel-good skincare method focused on listening to your skin and using products based on need, rather than a rigid skincare routine.

The more you tap into your intuition, the more confidence you will have in choosing what’s right for your skin.


Intuitive Skincare Do’s

  • Start with expert approved skincare products that don’t contain harsh ingredients and can be layered
  • Take time everyday to observe and feel your skin. Check for oil balance, texture, and moisture levels
  • Track your menstrual cycle and use this knowledge to tailor your choices based on cycle syncing your skincare
  • Choose to use products based on what your skin craves TODAY
  • Choose to accept and love your skin for where it’s at TODAY

What is Intuitive Skincare

Intuitive Skincare Don’ts

  • Don’t get caught up in what products you think you SHOULD use
  • Don’t fuss over your skin or spend too much time at the mirror See these tips to stop picking your skin
  • Don’t think an expert knows more than you do about how your skin feels on a daily basis

3 ways to Check the health of your skin 

  1. Moisture Check – Observe your skin for fine lines and pronounced wrinkles. When skin lacks water-moisture, these fine lines will appear deeper and your skin will look dull or sunken. Skin needs both water-hydration and oil to remain healthy and happy. Watch the video: Healthy Skin Test #1: Moisture Check 
  2. Oil Balance – The amount of oil your skin produces can change depending on age and hormones, it’s also determined by genetics. Some skin naturally produces more oil than others. Environmental factors and skincare habits can also affect oil balance. Most often, when skincare products are too drying, the skin overproduces oil trying to compensate. This can result in a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks. Watch the video: Healthy Skin Test #2: Oil Balance 
  3. Texture – The texture of your skin can say a lot about its current state of health. If your skin feels rough, it may be severely dehydrated. If it feels bumpy, it may be congested and the pores need to be cleared. Watch the video: Healthy Skin Test #3: Smooth Skin