What’s Better: Jade Roller vs. Facial Dry Brush

//What’s Better: Jade Roller vs. Facial Dry Brush

What’s Better: Jade Roller vs. Facial Dry Brush

The best Jade Roller for Skin Type

Should you use a jade roller or dry brush for your skin type? 

There are tons of trendy new skin tools out on the market, like facial dry brushes and jade rollers. Not all are right for your skin type and specific conditions. In this video I break down the difference between a jade roller and facial dry brush, and what one you should choose. Here’s a quick summary:

Jade Roller 

What is a jade roller?
A jade roller is quite literally a piece of jade that you roll over your face, made up of rounded stone that’s been fastened onto a hand piece. Jade is revered for it’s ability to calm and balance nervous energy and has been used in China for centuries for these healing properties.

What are the benefits of a jade roller?
Jade has a number of benefits because it’s naturally cooling on the skin. When rolled on the face, it can help reduce puffiness, under-eye bags, and redness. It can also encourage lymphatic flow and ease muscle tension. Some facial rollers, like the Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Roller, are made with a studded end with added benefit. When rolled over the face the textured stone stimulates the dermis and increases circulation, which helps feed the skin with oxygen and nutrients.

How to use a jade roller?
Massage a small amount of facial oil onto the skin and slowly roll the jade across your face, starting at the centre of your hairline. Work your way down one side of the face, always rolling from the centre out towards your ears. Once you’ve completed one side, again start at the top of your forehead and complete the other side. If your under eyes are particularly puffy, you can spend some time going over the area a few times, always working from your nose outwards.

Facial Dry Brush 

What is it?

A facial dry brush is typically a wooden, natural bristled brush that’s meant to be used dry (as the name suggests!). There are big ones with more coarse bristles meant for the body and smaller ones with softer bristles meant for the face. Don’t use a body dry brush on your face please!

What are the benefits of a facial dry brush? 

The most common reasons for dry brushing are to increase circulation, exfoliate the skin, and assist lymphatic drainage. This can really help with puffiness and wake the skin up in the morning!

How to use a facial dry brush? 

Always use the facial dry brush on ‘dry’ skin before cleansing. You can use it morning and night. It’s best to follow a protocol like the one set out by Province Apothecary (as seen in the image below).

Benefits of Province Apothecary Facial Dry Brush



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