Anti-aging clean beauty products

Concerned about the signs of aging, but don’t know where to begin? Start here. 

Cellular turnover starts to really slow down in your 30’s. Sun damage from years past begins to show in the form of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation (brown spots!). So where do you begin?

  1. Use an antioxidant serum. Simply put, oxidation damages cells. A few of the most common causes of oxidative stress is the sun and pollution. Antioxidant serums like Vitamin C and E can help counteract this damage, slowing the signs of aging. Use a vitamin C serum underneath your moisturizer during the day to protect against sun damage, brighten the complexion and help collagen production. Use a Vitamin E serum at night to reduce redness, improve skin tone, and strengthen the skin’s defences against environmental damage. Read more about vitamin C.
  2. Stop using harsh acne products. Hormonal acne is very common in women ages 25-40, but this is is also when skin gets more dry and signs of aging appear. Use gentle products that target inflammation, instead of using ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and foaming cleansers to “dry” out breakouts. Zyderma uses anti-bacterial micro-silver to calm and heal breakouts. Rather than benzoyl peroxide, use an anti inflammatory spot treatment like Province Apothecary’s Advanced Spot Treatment, or Black Cumin Seed Oil.
  3. Exfoliate with an Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA) 1-3 times per week. AHAs can increase cellular turnover and help combat fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. Glycolic acid or Lactic acid are effective at targeting early signs of aging. Alternatively, you can use a clean retinol in place of an alpha hydroxy acid. Retinol is the “holy grail” of anti-aging products! Read more about retinol
  4. Apply a plant-based oil. Every night apply an oil like MARA Universal Oil, argan or rosehip oil on top of your moisturizer to lock in hydration, heal, and strengthen the skin with fatty acids. For an added anti-aging benefit, get into the habit of giving yourself a facial massage. This can help increase circulation, tighten, and tone the skin. If you’re still experiencing breakouts and afraid that an oil will make your skin worse, try Black Cumin Seed Oil (as mentioned above). This will help inflammation but feed your skin with beneficial “anti-aging” fatty acids.
  5. Wear sunscreen every day! No matter how well you treat your skin, sun damage will expedite the aging process. Apply a face sunscreen daily that you can rest assured you’ve protected your skin as you go about your day. This is particularly important if you’re using AHAs or retinol products.

When it comes to a healthy aging routine, it’s all about staying consistent and treating your skin gently. Wrinkles will happen, but if you treat your skin well and keep it healthy, you’re sure to stay glowing in any decade!

Note: This post is all about topical anti-aging treatments, it goes without saying that getting lots of sleep, minimizing stress, staying hydrated, and eating good foods all contribute to aging well!