skincare consult

More than a product recommendation. This is a personalized road-plan to help you achieve your very best skin.

The virtual skincare consult with certified skin care therapist Seanna Cohen takes a deep dive into your ongoing skin care practices, reviews the products you’re currently using, and provides a step-by-step plan to address your skincare concerns and goals. Just like any coach, Seanna works with you so that together you can find skincare and beauty solutions that fit your unique concerns, lifestyle, and price-point.

Pricing: $105* 

* This fee can be used towards your next purchase at the Clean Beauty School shop. After your consultation, you will be emailed a special code to redeem $50 for shop purchases.

(Please note: If the entire credit amount is not used within 1 order, the remaining amount cannot be carried over to use at subsequent orders. Also, this credit cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Gift Cards Available! 

each consultation includes

  • 30 min video coaching session via ZOOM
  • personalized beauty prescription sent to you following the coaching session
  • follow up questions are always welcome and encouraged after the consultation

what you can expect to receive

  • An in-depth review of your current products, with a specific focus on how they suit your skin concerns and if they contain any harmful ingredients
  • practical instruction on how to care for your skin, including a weekly skin care routine
  • clean beauty product recommendations and holistic lifestyle suggestions
  • a realistic approach to making immediate and lasting changes so that you achieve your beauty goals
  • genuine guidance and emotional support


I have been trying for the longest time to find a natural skincare routine that actually works on my skin! After many attempts and dollars spent on products that didn’t work I decided to get in touch with Seanna. She put together the most amazing routine and my skin has never felt happier or looked better (in my opinion!). I highly recommend you check her out if you are looking got the most natural products!

– Kate

Seanna is amazing! She really took the time to listen to my concerns and was very thoughtful and empathetic. She is extremely knowledge about skin and about natural skin care and beauty products. I really liked all of her recommendations. When I followed up with her a couple months later for some additional product suggestions her reply was very timely and she gave me more great insights. I would definitely recommend Seanna to my friends! My skin has improved since following her recommendations and I plan to book another appointment with her in the future.

– Robyn

My issue is I’m a picker. I joined the 30-Day Skincare Challenge and I learned so much! I tried some of the products Seanna recommended and now they’re some of my faves! I’m picking a LOT less and my skin is finally starting to turn around. Thank you!

– Hilda